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What I did today…

Woke up 6.30am, beautiful weather outside, sun and more sun.

Made coffee, placed my ass on the porch and sipped coffee and smoked a cigarette.

Went inside and read blogs, found the blog post of the beautiful Milfee which made me gasp and in need of clean hankies Embarrassed smile

Photo0211Took my book out (re-reading Robert Jordans Dragon Reborn series) and ventured outside. Had a cup of coffee and a cigarette by the canal where I live. Read some more and enjoyed watching people strolling by. Paid my coffee, doesn’t it feel good when people actually allow you to drink your coffee without having to pay for it first, makes me believe in human kind again.

Walked by the canal and sat down on a parkbench. And just sat there for one hour, doing nothing but just enjoying the peace and quiet. What a perfect day.

Photo0092Am now ready to venture out to London town to the bustle and rush but will be quite good, have to see some hotel, been there before but it has such an amazing view of London and St Paul Cathedral from their roof terrace. Last time I was there I was enjoying a lot of wine/whisky/beer and think I might have had some food even (nuts…).  Smile 

<< Yes thats me enjoying the beer and whisky in one go…



Hope you all had a great weekend and that it continues today.

Remember… by I want icewater

A nice thoughtful three parter blog posts from I want icewater.

Remember – The Big Picture

post1This is part one of my Memorial Day series, all of which are aimed at providing a little perspective for our memories. This first post is meant to help us recognize just where we are in the grand scheme of things.

Remember – What We Have

post2 This, the second post in my Memorial Day series, is meant to remind us of just how precious our little corner of the universe really is. This beautiful video comes by way of the Metousiosis blog and Daniel López on Vimeo:

Remember – The Good Times

post3 This, the third post in my Memorial Day series, is meant to remind us of the good times we’ve had, and look forward to having again. And whenever I think of the good times, this is the song that comes to mind.

STOP – good feeling picture of the day

This made my day….


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