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All tied up… again…

sexy girl tiedsexy rope girl

Rope play


Blindfolded and tied up

blindfolded girl

Awaiting Punishment (via Fetishz )

Love this photo, sultry, sexy, erotic and just pure awesomeness… Thanks Kezz.

org-7564e4c1-2bc6-4633-8365-a673b7ac09bcA wonderful photo. The sepia tint just adding that something timeless to the image. I like the whip laid across her back, as if her master or mistress has just wandered casually off before returning to finish the punishment. I love the way her nipple is silhouetted against the light and the height of the tied rope. Keeping the garment on was a clever touch too. … Read More

Tangled kitten by Danni Doll


now, how do I get myself into these predicaments?
model: Danni Doll (me!)
photographer: Robert Alvarado

Back from holiday post

Ok, am back from my holiday with the family so have been having a great time in London and Oxford (had to see the Harry Potter dining hall, geeky I know… but loved it…). Managed to lose my phone in the river so am out of bounds of phone calls which to be honest is quite ok. So now let’s start going through all my email of blog posts from around the world, might take some time… So without further ado, here comes some lovely pictures….

She is really working that chain..

the chain gang hiding the whip


and girls in a veil is damn hot…

sexy girl w veil sexy girl with glasses and tied

and so are girls in glasses…

Kim Cloutier all tied up


Tied up


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