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Top grossing movies 1979


1. Kramer vs. Kramer
2. The Amityville Horror
3. Rocky II
4. Apocalypse Now
5. Star Trek: The Motion Picture
6. Alien  // May 25 – Alien, a landmark of the science fiction genre, is released.

Top grossing movies 1978


Oh Animal House,  what a great movie.

1. Grease
2. Superman
3. National Lampoon’s Animal House
4. Every Which Way but Loose
5. Heaven Can Wait

Grease recut as a Exploitation trailer

Top grossing movies 1977


This was the year when my sci-fi craving got what it needed with Star Wars and Close Encounters.

1. Star Wars
2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
3. Saturday Night Fever
4. Smokey and the Bandit
5. The Goodbye Girl

Top grossing movies 1976

1. Rocky
2. To Fly!
3. A Star Is Born
4. All the President’s Men
5. The Omen

Top grossing movies 1975


1. Jaws
2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
4. Dog Day Afternoon
5. Shampoo


Top grossing movies 1974


What a great year for Mel Brooks with two of his movies on the list.

1. Blazing Saddles
2. The Towering Inferno
3. Young Frankenstein
4. Earthquake
5. The Godfather Part II


Top grossing movies 1973

image Now here we got 3 favourites on the top. The sting is just awesome.  The Exorcist even more awesome and American Graffiti is on my list of feel good movies to watch when I’m feeling down. 1. The Sting 2. The Exorcist 3. American Graffiti 4. Papillon 5. The Way We Were

Top grossing movies 1972

image Deliverance scared the shit out of me as a kid and thought that no way will I ever go rafting in the states 🙂 1. The Godfather 2. The Poseidon Adventure 3. What’s Up, Doc? 4. Behind the Green Door 5. Deliverance

Top grossing movies 1971


Ohhh who can forget the iconic car chase from no 2 on the list, The French Connection.

1. Fiddler on the Roof
2. The French Connection
3. Diamonds Are Forever
4. Dirty Harry
5. Summer of ’42

Top grossing movies 1970



Great lineup for this year and MASH remains one of my favourite war movies.

1. Love Story
2. Airport
4. Patton
5. The Aristocats

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