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Back again. .


Damn u vespa crazy Italians 🙂

Well back from Italy and the lovely city of Milano. We decided to ignore all tour buses and trust google maps to guide us to the places we wanted to see. Best thing ever, we got lost so much but found cool places we would never have found with the tourist buses. All in all we calculated roughly 20 km a day so all in all 80 km walking these 4 days.

So take my advice when you next travel,  get lost and just enjoy. 🙂

The heaven trail


The heaven trail Ireland.

I’m back…

So back from Hong Kong and my full 22 hours in Hong Kong, quick and sweet. But business class with Hong Kong Airlines back and forth was soooo sweet.

The only problem I had was that my lovely bank managed to block my card because they thought it was some fraud going on when I started paying for drinks in Hong Kong. So had to find all the in-expensive thing (free!!) to do which was good and bad I guess.

Found some interesting parks and side streets and other tiny tiny markets which I might have missed out to due to taking the MTR (tube) everywhere but my my poor feet are hurting now I can tell you.

But managing to be in Hong Kong and never being able to eat some of the food was a let down but maybe next time… and next time I will talk to the bank about travelling so that this doesn’t happen again… If you hear about a Lloyds TSB branch being torched, it might be me. 😉

Hong Kong party

hong_kong_island_skyline_by_nujabes-d4rwmufSo will be a good day for me from tomorrow night until Sunday. I’m off to Hong Kong for one night thanks to work, one of the airlines was nice enough to give out business class seats for some of us to travel to Hong Kong, staying there for one night and then 12 hours business class back. I love my work at the moment Open-mouthed smile 


So my search in Hong Kong will of course be to enjoy all
the lovely things there.

Maybe I will find a new maid?


And we all know that the Chinese are so nice and happy to please.

Or maybe I will finally find myself a redheaded girlfriend?


and of course I have to find some bikini contest in Hong Kong. (well… the chances are slim but who knows Smile ).

Could anyone tell me if they have any nice beaches there? Smile with tongue out


I wonder if my colleagues are ok to tag along to some nice dungeons when we get there?


I have of course texted Yuuri Morishita (below) to pick me up from the airport but haven’t heard anything yet… oh wait, she is in Japan isn’t she… oh damn…

yuuri morishita 1yuuri morishitatumblr_m09mk1QFk01qcy4rxo1_500

But to conclude I hope I will be a happy man there, can’t believe anything else… Give me food, drinks and nightlife, Hong Kong here I come… and see you all on Sunday.

Work and airline stewardess

Finally back home, after one week of mayhem. Am a travel agent and have been working my tail off trying to get people home. 14 hour shifts for this week has made me a tired tired man and all due to the lovely volcano in Iceland. It’s amazing how much we depend on air travel really, you only realise it when something like this happens.

Had 500 people stuck which we had to find alternative ways to get from point A to point B, talk about trains, automobiles and no planes.  Quite a feat, so many amazing people who in my company are big shot directors/vip who happily travelled with families on buses to get home, three weeks ago you wouldn’t have made them travel economy without them making remarks about that. Rich and arrogance took a backseat for once.

But finally today, the last person missing has arrived home and I have finally got home in a decent time to just chill.

Off to get a massage (a normal one, not a filthy one, you pervs) tomorrow since my back is completely wasted after this week of sitting and stressing in front of the computer. Will be ooooh sooo nice…

So for my own personal gratification, some lovely airline stewardess from when they looked really good, the lovely ’60s or ’70s, not quite sure…


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