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Real life…


Yummy twitter

This is what I try to do when blogging or twittering in bed but somehow the dog gets in the way!  Real life sucks but at the same time is awesome.


Real life..

Lucky no 500

image Want to say thanks everyone,  yesterday I got my number 500 follower on Twitter. It shouldn’t be to exciting but hell I’m a statistics whore so I just love these numbers. 🙂

Anyhoo say hello to Lacey Lu (@LaceyLU2014): who is my number 500.

Love the feeling of silk ,satin ,lace and a beautiful, dominate lady running the show . Not going to judge anyone or anything until I’ve tried it or heard them.

-Lacey Lu

So as a thanks, here is some lovely tweets and RTs from Lacey Lu. Enjoy.





Hey Summertime,  are u missing some maids? 🙂

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Sexy MP’s wife

After my twitter reblogs I remembered one which I totally forgot about… so one month later here you go.

I love the UK! Btw of course I follow this girl on Twitter 🙂 of all things I’m really happy too see this MP standing up for his wife and just enjoying that she is sexy and that’s it.

Karen Danczuk, Labour MP’s Wife, Posts Revealing Selfies On Twitter

The wife of a Labour MP has seen an uplift in her Twitter following after posting a series of saucy selfies to the micro-blogging site.

Labour councillor Karen Danczuk, 31, who is married to Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, 47, has seen her following more than double after uploading some rather revealing pictures to the social network.

Writing on Saturday, Simon Danzcuk posted: “Why am I losing Twitter followers and my wife is gaining them?”

…a couple of reasons, Simon.

Check out Cllr Karen Danczuk @KarenDanczuk

From Huffington post


Instead of reblogs thought I just do some twitter reblogs today. Just click on the pictures for the direct link or the links underneath for their twitter accounts.


And Bob made me cry of laughter considering I have the same problem when visiting IKEA.


From @Michal


From Lucy V


And this one made my day as well. From @shoutabyss


From @scienceporn


From @theretronaut


25 years since Burtons Batman. Holy crap batbuddies.

And a classy smoker from @Mutze1’s tweet:


Anal sex stats

Ok got this one tweeted from @omgFactsSex and just had to spread the joy. Would like to see the stats behind this one though…

White women, in particular those with a college degree, are the most receptive to anal sex.

Sexiest Actresses At Comic Con 2011 Part 2 (via Gorno)

She has sure picked some great actresses from the new TV-series around.


emmyrossumcomiccon1Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton in “Shameless”. Shamelessly infatuated with Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton would be what many fans feel for this hot actresses who amped up the sass and sex factor in the compelling series “Shameless”. Taking on the role of Fiona Gallagher and Veronica Fisher, they both embodied both their playfully wild as well as affectionate sides with accomplished ease. The running of …


The immensely cute Megan Hilty joins forces with “Glee” sweetheart Lea Michele as the voice talents of the upcoming 3D animated film, “Dorothy of Oz”. Both are set to attend Comic Con and Lea will be singing a song from the film along with f Read More

via Gorno

The lunar eclipse

Am hoping to see it, starting now but is too cloudy here in London so think I might have to watch through all the videos from youtube 😦 so wanted to howl to the blood red moon but might have to wait until December.

LunarEclipse-16June2011 Lunar Eclipse, 16 June 2011, Albury NSW Australia, photo by © Dirk HR Spennemann 2011, All Rights Reserved, visit his flickr channel at heritagefutures my article about his steel coffin at coffin or his website at Related articles Lunar eclipse: YouTube to broadcast today’s astronomical event live – ( Long Lunar Eclipse Wednesday Night 6/15/11 ( Lunar Eclipse June 2 … Read More

via Flickr Comments by FrizzText


Found this website and it’s hilarious,


5 Tools to Be More Efficient on Twitter


5 Tools to Be More Efficient on Twitter.

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Just some fun pics and a cool Sword fighting sequence


This is really cool video, Swordfighting With Shadows

Taichi Saotome fights against a shadowy spectre in this well-choreographed fight that’s part combat, and part FX wizardry.

I present Kristy Ann

490f8268d3858This is just one amazingly sexy model, Kristy Ann from West Reading, Pennsylvania, US.

Her twitter page, her facebook page and her Model Mayhem page. Drool away now…


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If The Dinosaurs Had Twitter…

If The Dinosaurs Had Twitter… |

Sexy Coco and her lovely twitter pics

One twitter favourite of mine is the lovely Coco especially when she puts out a twitter picture like this. More Coco, more…  @cocosworld [tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]

Its Tittie Tuesday!! I feel so weird saying that! Sounds stupid coming from my mouth but I’ll join in for fun!!

From Cocos twitter account 02 june 10

cocos world sexy tits
                                      Click for the 1024×729 size.

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