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The magic 100 and Asian girls in uniforms


OK, nothing to do about Swedes but I will allow myself the liberty of creeping in with something beside Swedes today when I found out who my 100th subscriber was.

Party smileYes, it has taken me a long time to get up to 100 subscribers but finally I have accumulated the last one to get me to the magic 100 number. And well deserved one as well since I know who it is as well, most of my followers are quite anonymous but I love you all equally much as Cool Berman Smile with tongue out He has an awesome blog so do go over there when done here to enjoy some cool stuff. Not sure what to give my 100th follower but I do know he does like the Asian girls so here comes the nurses, maids and sailor girls all just for him…

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Rincewind’s Fetish (via Grumpy old fart!!!)

What a way to get better but seeing this being posted, you just gotta see this series of photos where the maid has got the upper hand for once.

wmbc20100323-071Poor Rincewind, suffering in bed has started to think about fetishes to pass the time imagining the joy at seeing a chair bound colleague. To help aid his delusions Xaxasissy demonstrates what happens when the maid gets out of hand 😀 … Read More

via Grumpy old fart!!!

Red Hot Maid (via Grumpy old fart!!!)

There is sometimes (well, most of the time) that I’m really jealous of Mr Summertimes maids. But this one is something different, I’m awestruck and just in love (I fall in love quite often and way to easy I don't know smile) with this girls. According to his blog post it’s Xaxaissys maid but think that’s just a tax evasion ploy, think the government has a limit of 20 maids allowed… Flirt male

sexy redheaded maid Xaxasissy’s red hot maid … Read More

via Grumpy old fart!!!

Girls in Uniforms: School days


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Girls in Uniforms: Armed and dangerous

H4Q Pixs Blog (27)HQ Pixs Blog (1)HQ Pixs Blog (4)2HQ Pixs Blog (5)3HQ Pixs Blog (9)2



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Girls in Uniforms: Nurses

HQ Pixs Blog (25)3HQ Pixs Blog (8)2HQ Pixs Blog (14)3


I so love Scrubs and hot diggity damn sexy nurses…


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Girls in Uniforms: Maids

HQ Pixs Blog (11)1HQ Pixs Blog (6)3HQ Pixs Blog (6)2HQ Pixs Blog (12)3HQ Pixs Blog (14)1

HQ Pixs Blog (33)HQ Pixs Blog (16)2HQ Pixs Blog (22)3via Nylondreams




Girls in Uniforms: Air Stewardess

A group of air hostess


Update:The 9 girls above is a all-girls music group from South Korea called SNSD
(So Nyuh Shi Dae). More popularly known as “Girl’s Generation”.
Thanks to Andrew at
Accidental Aikidoist


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Country Maid

Country Maid

Don’t make me angry!!

Don’t make me angry!!

Smoking Maid

Smoking Maid

Do not disturb

Do not disturb

Where do I begin?

 Where do I begin?

Happy Birthday

The cake is almost ready, I just need to contact the fire department before I add the candles 😀 Have a Happy Birthday

Lili St. Cyr


What could be better than Lili St. Cyr burlesque and a maid, three for the price of one, beat that Tesco 🙂

All maid up

ah well, Mr Summertime has had his auditions as well now and I gotta surrender before the armada of maids that has visited his hideout, his Emma is just amazing. Basetliens has also been nice enough to give us a glimpse of his long legged maid



Rincewind has risen to the maid challenge by employing Autumn, but my view is that she would only have limited uses.

Following my last post in this saga my maid left to take up an engagement with the delightful Belle de Jour, as a recipient of her “talents” I’m sure she will be much in demand.

In desperation to find a suitable replacement the agency suggested the talented Jasmine but due to a misunderstanding the booking was cancelled. I engaged what I though would be an accommodating trio of maids but they proved to be much too much trouble and required some severe restraint to keep them focused and they soon left my employment. To continue reading…







…and the frenchmen sure knows how to pick their maids as well wouldn’t you agree…

See more here



but not to finish on a sad note I still have my lovely latex beauty maid running along gagged and bound still, kinda tough cleaning the room bound but she seems to be ok with it. Bless her…

And as for the rest of my audition pictures, I might as well show them to you:

Charitto___Sexy_Maid_by_CatoKusanagi Cheeky_Maid_by_subshopautumn French_Maid_by_MariRainha Latex_Maid_by_thisismyalias Maid_Up_by_scottb

How it all started in order of blogposts:
1. Asian maid by Grumpy Old Fart
2. Chelsea French by Grumpy Old Fart
3. The maid challenge by Erotixx
4. The maid challenge by Grumpy Old Fart
5. The maid challenge part deux by Erotixx
6. Maid Challenge by Basetliens
7. The final maid challenge by Grumpy Old Fart

The new librarian (via Grumpy old fart!!!)

just beautiful… *sigh*

The new librarian

via Grumpy old fart!!!

Smoking hotties from Summertime

Lovely new edition from Grumpy Old Farts smoking hotties from the 20’s.

new-image4 new-image5

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and his second edition within a few minutes, even more smoking hotties…


See more here…

Smoking 1920′s style (via Grumpy old fart!!!)

new-imagehhSummertime has done it again, among his treasures of sexy ladies he found a lot of smoking pictures from the 1920’s. I just can’t express how amazing these shots are. See them all here.

new-imagec  new-imagev1 Read More

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