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2’000’000 / 2 million visits celebration

Have started the new year with over 2 million hits! How bloody amazing isn’t that… Am just so overjoyed with that. THANKS TO ALL MY VISITORS.

A little quick stat:

On the end of December Mr ngenghou1962 was my no 10’000th commentator. Love getting comments so keep ’em coming.

Top countries to visit my little blog:
1. United States (by a huge margin)
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Germany
5. Australia

Favourite post/pages by visits:

image image image image

Am really happy with those choices but most happy that the classic pinup gallery of artwork by the greats are topping the list.


So once again thanks a lot, will be a great new year.

Stocking day


Let’s celebrate the very sexy garment the stocking by a full day of hot gals with legs to die for and of course the stocking.

Credit to Stockings sexy tumblr for most of these pictures. Had a blast wandering around his site.

1.8 million and 190


1,800,190 views all-time! Nice one and am quite pleased (sitting with a big grin on my face). Wasn’t going to write anything, wanted to wait for that elusive 2mil one but anyway.

Thanks everyone for reading and drooling over the lovely pinups on the site. Big fat kisses to you all!!

I’m back and loving it…

The moose signinboxWell, I’m back and hope you all had a great weekend as well, 3 days in Sweden for the midsummers party with my family and my German ex and my best friend with me. Brilliant time and if you ever go, go in the summer time. Sexy girls, great good food and superb people.

Stayed at a great hostel in Sweden called Långholmen in Stockholm which is a converted prison but is so cool, you got the bunks and feeling of prison there but in a classy way. Plus there is a nudist beach just 2 minutes from the The roomshotel (see picture below). What more can one ask for.

Anyway, now to start my inbox reading to see what everyone else has been up to… Expect a few reblogs today and tomorrow.


Chat available…


im-the-teenage-girl-you-jerked-off-in-the-chatroom-withI had this one before but completely forgot about it when I changed my theme but am gonna give it a try again, if anyone wants to say hi and you see the green online bubble, send a text if you want something (no money is given out…) or have a question (nope, still not giving away any money) or just fancy a chat, I love chatting so no worries there… Webcam is available but gotta admit, hell no. That one is just used for friends and family, no hanky panky webcam available… Smile with tongue out btw, the right hand picture is NOT of me but it is a brilliant one wouldn’t you say…

One week to go before we turn black and white for a month

The countdown has started, only one week to go for a month of only black and white erotica photos here at Erotixx and got some great guest bloggers, will tell ‘ya who on the 01st of April. It will be great, don’t know what the others will throw up but have got some great posts lining up…   


Work and airline stewardess

Finally back home, after one week of mayhem. Am a travel agent and have been working my tail off trying to get people home. 14 hour shifts for this week has made me a tired tired man and all due to the lovely volcano in Iceland. It’s amazing how much we depend on air travel really, you only realise it when something like this happens.

Had 500 people stuck which we had to find alternative ways to get from point A to point B, talk about trains, automobiles and no planes.  Quite a feat, so many amazing people who in my company are big shot directors/vip who happily travelled with families on buses to get home, three weeks ago you wouldn’t have made them travel economy without them making remarks about that. Rich and arrogance took a backseat for once.

But finally today, the last person missing has arrived home and I have finally got home in a decent time to just chill.

Off to get a massage (a normal one, not a filthy one, you pervs) tomorrow since my back is completely wasted after this week of sitting and stressing in front of the computer. Will be ooooh sooo nice…

So for my own personal gratification, some lovely airline stewardess from when they looked really good, the lovely ’60s or ’70s, not quite sure…


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