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Around the world: USA


Join me on a trip Around the world and explore the great assets of different countries.

This is a tough one to do in one post so might have to have an all American theme week soon. The bloody country is just so huge and have way too many sexy girls.

1. The girls
The old 1st team that made me drool and dream about the American dream when I was young. Still drool a little bit thinking about them now. 🙂
Elisabeth Shue


The 80s/90s girl next door.

Pamela Anderson


A true wet dream girl from my mispent youth sitting and watching Baywatch. A quality show. 😀

Winona Ryder


She was my dream of all dream girls. This was before all her shoplifting qualities came to light but her starring in Beetlejuice was another great reason to watch that movie over and over again.

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White men…

Do check out for more.. love the Daily Show and Colbert take on this. It does make me feel a tiny bit bad about my colour…




Sexy girls wearing the US flag proudly

This would have been perfect for the 04th of july but I think you will forgive me for posting it so late, just enjoy these patriotic girls.

True dat… 3 memes

Love it, am so jealous of the USA to have such a  national treasure as Betty White, she just kicks ass all the time..

Happy memorial day

Happy Memorial day from Shannon Richards:

shannon richards

and for something more serious from I want Ice Water

Honoring Our Soldiers

My apologies to everyone who left comments yesterday. I promise that I will try to respond as soon as I’m able. Frankly though, I was already “scraping bottom” when I published It Ain’t Easy Being This Good, and my day just went downhill from there…

And then I started – but could not finish – watching last night’s 60 Minutes Presents: Honoring our soldiers. The full report (or at least the first few minutes that I saw last night) is an absolute must see, but I want you to take a look at this short clip from Extreme bravery, reluctant hero first:

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Marilyn Monroe 1926 – 1962 (via Zoomaa)

I so admire Marilyn Monroe, she seemed to be such an amazing person. And Summertime, this is one hot maid wouldn’t you say…

marilyn05 She died a few years before I was born, and if she would be alive, she would turn 85 today on June 1. She is still an icon and her photos for magazines and newspapers in her days, is now flowing over the new digital media. She died young in 1962 – only 36 – and she will always be the young sexy starlet in our mind.  Marilyn Monroe born on June 1, 1926 – died on August 5, 1962.. … Read More

via Zoomaa

Happy thanksgiving to my American friends


Thanksgiving Day, known informally as "Turkey Day," is a harvest festival celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving was a holiday to express thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation to God, family and friends for which all have been blessed of material possessions and relationships. Traditionally, it has been a time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. This holiday has since moved away from its religious roots and given way much rejoicing with loads of food and sexy indians and hot pilgrims. Go USA go…

Sexy Girl (6) 1728732713103153_01_Lg MM_Thanksgiving2_losexy_thanksgiving_by_mikehegaman sexy_thanksgiving_day_01

Tennessee Titans mascot eats cheerleader

Sexy Olympics special: Allison Baver


Allison Baver (born September 11, 1980 in Reading, Pennsylvania) is an American short track speed skater. Baver trains with the US permanent winter sports Olympic team, in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the 2005-2006 season, she was ranked third overall in the World Rankings.

Enjoy, she is so hot it’s amazing… *drool*

Check out her website here:



545602-allison-baver-photo-021610-lg-42326089656px-Allison_Baver 545413034_190808742958_92016757958_3993350_4180325_nallisonbaver_winterolympicsmodel-1model-2 model-3model-4 model-5model-6 model-8

As always click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

And to see the rest of my sexy olympic athletes on one and the same page, click here.

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Obama about his big hands *lol*


Check out Comixed for more strips like this, absolutely brilliant ones…

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