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Black Girls Have the Biggest Booty? – Is It True

Frikking funny and I’m so subscribing to their show. It’s a great let’s just all get together no matter race.. 

Oh VHS i miss u


Ahh the blessed Fuji video which was recorded and then over recorded so many times. I miss it actually.

Jessa Hinton Will Definitetly Want You Keeping up with Baseball Season

Am not a baseball fan but you know what, I think I’ll change my mind if she’s on the court… 😈

Sexy girls in latex

Would die if they jumped out of a car where I was standing 😨 happy but dead 😁

Sexy Harley Quinn COSPLAY latex – Bianca Beauchamp

Miss Happ Fashion Show: Spring/Summer 2014/15

Rockabilly fashion show. I so wanted to be here..

Remember Emma

Remember Emma Glover? Let’s enjoy the behind the scenes video.

Xindl X – Barbína

Yes it’s in czech or slovak but with the video you do understand they are criticising the Barbie look girls gets from the fashion magazines/models. I love them models but also don’t want a perfect girl. Got a girlfriend and she criticises things off her body that I don’t want changed or need changed (thighs, weight etc) and no matter what I say she still wants it changed. I love her mind and her body as it is.  No change needed.

Xindl X – Barbína:

Diana Ross and Michael


How cool isn’t this picture of Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

And why not a video of the two together,  lets just ease on down

Roll Right In

How I love youtube, getting these kinda videos makes it all worthwhile. Thanks Mak for liking it so I could find it…

And do click on her facebook page, well worth it..

Go @cubs with Asley Salazar

Fancy a game of baseball?

Asley Salazar

Yeah Yeah Yeah Sacrilege w Lily Cole

Lily Cole gets naked, kisses a girl and a vicar and then gets married in the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs video. What more can one ask for from a video, actually its a really good song as well.

History of Sexy Pin Ups Girls Hot Facts Model Bethany

By the way… Tragically hip

My new favourite band.. This album has been on replay for a whole week now and since I already done one post about Canada might as well post this great song from Tragically hip.

I hope it works for everyone because all their official music videos are not allowed for me to watch 😦

Watch “Steampunk in Oxford”

Watch “Dita Von Teese takes off her stockings” on YouTube

Watch “Nylon Stockings: “Story of a Star” 1956 Deering Milliken” on YouTube


Reading pleasure via Social OD

Damn, I got aroused watching this video…

“This is a video of a Tatted Portuguese girl reading a book while she is being “pleasured”…who thinks of this?? They need to be honored!!”

via Social Overdose

This is war

I just love Buffy The Vampire slayer and the whole Whedonwerse so this one just gave me a big bloody orgasm watching, brilliant music and editing…

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