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Harley and Ivy

harley_queen_cosplay_by_laernu-d544k2p arkham_asylum__poison_ivy_by_ormeli-d5au2ri

by ~Laernu

by *ormeli

Kick ass Harley Quinn

She looks ready to whoop some serious Batman here…


by Dandon Fuga

Harley Quinn

She is my favourite among all favourites of sexy batman villains so hope you also enjoy some Harley Quinn.

cosplay_mask_harley_quinn_by_alyssa_ravenwood-d2uplc5 harley_quinn_cosplay  SONY DSC tumblr_ldj6ckTvgD1qzm7qno1_500 tumblr_lcjvbqmlGa1qepom3o1_500tumblr_lf8xjppTec1qepom3o1_500 tumblr_lfssg8rekR1qepom3o1_500

and if you want more, click here…

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