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Awesome people hanging out together

What a great couples, these photos just kick ass.


Vincent Price and Alice Cooper


Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks

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Let Horror month commence

Ok, so it’s soon Halloween time, not a special event really for me except for one thing, there are more horror movies on TV. I’m a huge fan of horror movies ever since a little boy in Sweden when I first saw Jason chopping up unsuspected silly teenagers in the woods in Friday the 13th no 2. Since then my life changed, I went through all the horror movies I could get hold of, Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13 1,2,3,4,5 etc (I know they are shit but they are good shit..>), Razorback (man, that was a brilliant movie, Basketcase (really freaky movie) and so on… all the classic Hammer ones with lovely Christopher Lee (btw, read his autobiography, it’s so brilliant), Peter Cushing and Vincent Price went through my VCR for diligent watching.

HalloweenJackOLanternI remember skipping school and cycling back with my mates for 2 hours to my house (yes, I lived in the woods) after renting Evil Dead to watch it. Sam Raimi was my god from that moment on and living in Brighton I got to see Brain Dead for the 1st time by Peter Jackson, one of the most bizarre movies but oh so fun, well ok my landlady didn’t agree completely…

I subscribed to the biggest gorefest magazine Fangoria so every month I could get advance warning of all the movies I had to see, my mom and dad really did wonder what was becoming of me.

So to celebrate the soon-to-come Halloween, will have more posts about Scream Queens, great horror movies you JUST have to watch and of course the normal pinups this month.

Hope you will enjoy and stay scared…

Classic horror movie posters from 1960-1969

1966 - Dracula Prince Of Darkness (DVD)

Some of the most amazing horror movies and arts are from the 1950-1970 in my opinion and most of them are from the most greatest studio of them all, Hammer studios. They did great ones but oh my god all mighty such awful ones as well…  But the artwork for the horror movies are of such style and excellence.

Ok, we all have to forget them for the titles, hells bells… they are really awful but having your lady by your side and watching a classic as Astro Zombies, nothing can beat it…

1964 - Awful Dr. Orlof, The (DVD)

1964 - Last Man on Earth (DVD)1964 - Blood And Black Lace (DVD)1969 - Scream And Scream Again (VHS) 1964TwoThousandManiacsDVD2

1965 - Colour Me Blood Red (DVD)1965 - Demon Hunter (VHS)1965 - Die Monster Die (DVD)

1965 - Bloody Pit Of Horror (VHS) 1964 - Naked Witch, The & Crypt Of Dark Secrets (DVD)

1965 - I Saw What You Did (DVD) 1965 - Planet Of The Vampires (DVD) 1966 - Massacre Time (VHS)

1966 - Plague Of The Zombies (DVD) 1966 - Rasputin The Mad Monk (DVD) 1966 - Reptile, The (DVD)

1966 - Terror Creatures From The Grave (Poster) 1966 - Theatre Of Death (DVD) 1967 - Mummys Shroud (DVD)

1966 - Undertaker And His Pals (DVD) 1966 - Witches, The (DVD)1968 - Devil Rides Out, The (DVD)

1967 - Fearless Vampire Killers (VHS)

1967 - Frankenstein Created Woman (DVD) 1967 - Gruesome Twosome, The (DVD) 1968 - Kiss And Kill (VHS)

1968 - Ghastly Ones, The (Poster) 1968 - Isle Of The Snake People (DVD) 1969 - Astro Zombies (DVD)

1968 - Mad Doctor Of Blood Island (DVD)

1968 - Night Of The Living Dead, The (A)(DVD) 1968 - Night Of The Living Dead, The (B)(DVD) 1968 - Night Of The Living Dead, The (C)(DVD)

1968 - Night Of The Living Dead, The (Poster)

1968 - Rosemary´s Baby (DVD)

1968 - Witchfinder General (VHS) 1969 - Hatchet For A Honeymoon (DVD) 1969 - Oblong Box, The (VHS)

1969 - Tomb Of The Living Dead (VHS) 1969 - Love Camp 7 (VHS)

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