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One of my best referrers ever is this lovely blog so need to do a shoutout for it.

Transgressive fantasy


Dawn was excited about voting this year. She was proud of her support for the President, even though it was an unpopular position in her small, wealthy community.

When she went in to vote early, she proudly handed over the voter registration card and her picture ID to the poll worker. He looked her up on his list and saw she was registered as a Democrat. He looked her over carefully, and told her to go down to the voting booth around the corner.

The booth was off by itself, but Dawn didn’t think much about it or about the odd smirks on the faces of the poll workers watching her.

When she pulled back the curtain, eagerly looking forward to casting her ballot, she was shocked by what she saw: a big erect cock sticking out of a hole in the wall!

She gasped, speechless and horrified, frozen for a moment as the cock stuck out at her, bobbing slightly as if it could blindly sense her shocked gaze.

She couldn’t stop staring at it. It was so surreal, this engorged, throbbing cock, waiting there, waiting for her in the place where a voting machine should have been.

She felt an overwhelming urge to touch it, to hold it, to take it in her hand and feel the stiffness of it, the raw tumescent power of it.

In a daze, she reached out and grasped it in her hand. Dawn felt the sexual heat radiating from it and felt a sudden heat radiating from her own sex in response.

So off u go and vote..

Via Trangessive Fantasy

Socialist Catalonian Party Vote – Woman Has Orgasm

Quite a superb ad about the pleasures of voting, I think I will vote next

year as well now this one did get banned from the spanish TV…

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