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Will Smith – Wild Wild West

A perfect example of steampunk in the movies.

Nostalgia trip from Youtube

Was just browsing through youtube this morning and found one of my favourite artists which I had totally forgot about (shame on me, shame shame..), De La Soul, amazing hip-hoppers. And not to sound old and grumpy here, actually hell yeah I will sound old and grumpy… the hip hop and rap were so much better back then, no pimpin’ bitches and shooting up gangstas in the lyrics but actually decent lyrics. So here comes a little of my nostalgia trip playlist for this morning.

Will Smith was and is amazing, but this classic is a must for me in the summer.

Ah well, I might not enjoy it as much now as I did back then, hell, I so wanted those pants.

And Sir-Mix-A lots classic with a lovely theme, butts butts butts and ass 🙂

and my last favourite is the amazing A Tribe Called Quest, peace out…

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