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I was a good girl then I discovered….

Two superb pictures…

love yr bodynipple clamps

via Eyes on the prize

Socialist Catalonian Party Vote – Woman Has Orgasm

Quite a superb ad about the pleasures of voting, I think I will vote next

year as well now this one did get banned from the spanish TV…

RIP Frank Frazetta

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false] frank_frazetta_1Illustrator Frank Frazetta, who was best known for his fantasy and science-fiction drawings, has passed away. He was 92.

Frazetta was famous for his works on paperback covers, movie posters and other commercial works, including those of the Conan the Barbarian series. The character became a cult favourite and later inspired a series of movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was also known for his illustrations of Edgar Rice Burroughs characters such as Tarzan and John Carter of Mars and not to forget Vampirella..

His style, which depicted muscular warriors and scantily-clad women often locked in combat with deadly beasts, became touchstones of fantasy and science fiction. I have so fond memories of this, getting semiclad amazon woman and art in one go as a kid was great. Sorry to see you go Frank…

Clue up at The Pinup Project….

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Clue 1:japanese_women Every day will reveal a new clue….

Click here to jump to The Pinup project site….

Girl with an attitude

So enjoyed this photo, gave me a big smile throughout the day….



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Vixen Melyssa Ford

Thanks to Shades of beauty, I have found a new favourite, she is just so sexy.

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Sexy underwear

sexy_wear_37 Great photo, love the colour and bleakness at the same time.

Model citizen


Snake charmer


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Latex Catwoman sexy halloween style




Probably the worst bartender regarding table manner
in the world but guess he doesn’t mind 🙂

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Beside the bed


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Great point of view – nude –


Why god invented denim :)


Thanks to Arcane photos for this picture.


Thanks to TakeitPhoto for this one


And Photo techs for this one

90% angel, hmmm….

9878178 Love this photo, her expression is priceless.

Model: Violet Behavior



Lovely model, Violet Behavior

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Pain of pleasure


Woman in bed


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