Pinups of October '09

All of my photoblogs for October months ‘Todays pinup’

Click on the pictures for bigger size.

002c5sdk_thumb 45c46bcb7960c_thumb 4501fcbd42688_thumb219_1970web_thumb 1129709936_l_thumb4429b7d35f393_thumb  4956f5a4ed87f_thumb  1243368633_f3636483cc_thumb 200810081949166_thumb_thumb  2008092422504859_thumb_thumb 2008101419294722_thumb_thumb 2008123003351710_thumb_thumb 2008123003351813_thumb

a6bba12b8fb0d650c1758ccfff3bcd6b_thumb2008123003352033_thumb_thumbbubbles_defv04prev_thumb200901080511325_thumbmiss_mia_vixen_ii_by_cosfrog_thumb    classicpinkblack_2008_thumb img_2878web_thumb img_8950web_thumb july_by_mayvill_thumb l_8dde0a03090d84e457f79e42b045481e_thumb l_34b68cac8ff0f355391a135af9d2da77_thumb l_45f7852fc9e7249491866a387ef43690_thumb  pin_up_part_i_by_muszka_thumb pinup6_thumb pinup22_thumb pinup_2_by_brookinc_thumb pinup_plus_by_acadianboy_thumb pinup_queen_by_cogentcontent_thumb samantha_by_koukei_thumb tumblr_kpz6s0h2bb1qz8s3ho1_500_thumb 2009020400001635_thumb

  1. Very hot and vibrant artwork and bab


  2. This is kind of artwork you would find painted on the side fuselage’s of our old war-planes, as sort of a memorial of the girls we left back home. That’s me talking like an old timer when I was in the war during the VietNam 1968 Era!

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