Playboy centerfolds from 1970-1979


1970.01.01 - Jill Taylor 1970.02.01 - Linda Forsythe 1970.03.01 - Chris Koren 1970.04.01 - Barbara Hillary 1970.05.01 - Jennifer Liano 1970.06.01 - Elaine Morton 1970.07.01 - Carol Willis 1970.08.01 - Sharon Clark 1970.09.01 - Debbie Ellison 1970.10.01 - Madeleine and Mary Collinson 1970.11.01 - Avis Miller 1970.12.01 - Carol Imhof


1971.01.01 - Liv Lindeland 1971.02.01 - Willy Rey 1971.03.01 - Cynthia Hall 1971.04.01 - Chris Cranston 1971.05.01 - Janice Pennington 1971.06.01 - Lieko English 1971.07.01 - Heather Van Every 1971.08.01 - Cathy Rowland 1971.09.01 - Crystal Smith 1971.10.01 - Claire Rambeau 1971.11.01 - Danielle de Vabre 1971.12.01 - Karen Christy


 1972.01.01 - Marilyn Cole 1972.02.01 - P.J. Lansing 1972.03.01 - Ellen Michaels 1972.04.01 - Vicki Peters 1972.05.01 - Deanna Baker 1972.06.01 - Debbie Davis 1972.07.01 - Carol O'Neal 1972.08.01 - Linda Summers 1972.09.01 - Susan Miller 1972.10.01 - Sharon Johansen 1972.11.01 - Lenna Sjööblom 1972.12.01 - Mercy Rooney


 1973.01.01 - Miki Garcia 1973.02.01 - Cyndi Wood 1973.03.01 - Bonnie Large 1973.04.01 - Julie Woodson 1973.05.01 - Anulka Dziubinska 1973.06.01 - Ruthy Ross 1973.07.01 - Martha Smith 1973.08.01 - Phyllis Coleman 1973.09.01 - Geri Glass 1973.10.01 - Valerie Lane 1973.11.01 - Monica Tidwell 1973.12.01 - Christine Maddox


 1974.01.01 - Nancy Cameron 1974.02.01 - Francine Parks 1974.03.01 - Pamela Zinszer 1974.04.01 - Marlene Morrow 1974.05.01 - Marilyn Lange 1974.06.01 - Sandy Johnson 1974.07.01 - Carol Vitale 1974.08.01 - Jean Manson 1974.09.01 - Kristine Hanson 1974.10.01 - Ester Cordet 1974.11.01 - Bebe Buell 1974.12.01 - Janice Raymond


1975.01.01 - Lynnda Kimball 1975.02.01 - Laura Misch 1975.03.01 - Ingeborg Sorensen 1975.04.01 - Victoria Cunningham 1975.05.01 - Bridgett Rollins 1975.06.01 - Azizi Johari 1975.07.01 - Lynn Schiller 1975.08.01 - Lillian Müller 1975.09.01 - Mesina Miller 1975.10.01 - Jill De Vries 1975.11.01 - Janet Lupo 1975.12.01 - Nancie Li Brandi


1976.01.01 - Daina House 1976.02.01 - Laura Lyons 1976.03.01 - Ann Pennington 1976.04.01 - Denise Michele 1976.05.01 - Patricia Margot McClain 1976.06.01 - Debra Peterson 1976.07.01 - Deborah Borkman 1976.08.01 - Linda Beatty 1976.09.01 - Whitney Kaine 1976.10.01 - Hope Olson 1976.11.01 - Patti McGuire 1976.12.01 - Karen Hafter


1977.01.01 - Susan Lynn Kiger 1977.02.01 - Star Stowe 1977.03.01 - Nicki Thomas 1977.04.01 - Lisa Sohm 1977.05.01 - Sheila Mullen 1977.06.01 - Virve Reid 1977.07.01 - Sondra Theodore 1977.08.01 - Julia Lyndon 1977.09.01 - Debra Jo Fondren 1977.10.01 - Kristine Winder 1977.11.01 - Rita Lee 1977.12.01 - Ashley Cox


1978.01.01 - Debra Jensen 1978.02.01 - Janis Schmitt 1978.03.01 - Christina Smith 1978.04.01 - Pamela Jean Bryant 1978.05.01 - Kathryn Morrison 1978.06.01 - Gail Stanton 1978.07.01 - Karen Elaine Morton 1978.08.01 - Vicki Witt 1978.09.01 - Rosanne Katon 1978.10.01 - Marcy Hanson 1978.11.01 - Monique St. Pierre 1978.12.01 - Janet Quist


1979.01.01 - Candy Loving 1979.02.01 - Lee Ann Michelle 1979.03.01 - Denise McConnell 1979.04.01 - Missy Cleveland 1979.05.01 - Michele Drake 1979.06.01 - Louann Fernald 1979.07.01 - Dorothy Mays 1979.08.01 - Dorothy Stratten 1979.09.01 - Vicki McCarty 1979.10.01 - Ursula Buchfellner 1979.11.01 - Sylvie Garant 1979.12.01 - Candace Collins

  1. Not long ago I was reading something where different women were being rejected by Playboy for pictorials due to insufficient breast size. There are some very attractive and sexy ladies with relatively small breasts here in the 1970’s centerfolds. I enjoyed Playboy much more when there was a large variety of real women being used throughout the magazine. Last 15 years or so I haven’t purchased the magazine due to the unreal creatures that are used.

    • well yeah same here, it’s kinda boring now to be honest. I love ’em big, small, normal and I do love the fake ones as well but a proper normal non-manipulated breast is just the jackpot. Need difference.

    • What are you calling small, exactly? Miss November 2004 Cara Zaveta is a B cup. Rainy Day Jordan may be an A cup, I think she was a 2011 playmate. Miss March 2015 Britt Linn is definitely an A cup. They are not the only small breasted 21st century playmates, just three that I can recall off of the top of my head. I call BS on your post.

  2. Okay, I’ll say it. I like pubic hair. Not a lot of it, but, but at least some trim. They’re women, for God’s sake.

  3. First of all, can you like a post more than once? 🙂 Secondly, the lovely Collinson Twins were featured in the vampire flick Twins of Evil. Life’s good!!

  4. This Era of Playboy Females had No Problems with showing there Naturally Full or Trimmed Pubic Bushes! The girls of today think that the way to a pictorial is to go bare back, shave off all there pubic hair ….. it takes away from the actual photograph that women do not look like this in real life?

  5. well i like pubick hair a pure tits[ but bare back i must be getting old where was i when this happond vietnam

  6. I was hoping to celbrate some of these 70s Playboy Playmates that went on to lead successful, traditional “family values” lives – got married, had children.

    In particular, I wanted to know if any 70s Playmates are now Grandmothers. And thus I think it’s would be fine to promote beautiful Grandmothers and sort of give up tight, religious right types some humor that sexy is always bad.

    Does anyone know if any of these gals are successful grandmothers?


  7. I use to collect playboy magazines in the 70s like nerds collect baseball cards. Every month I would be at the new stands on Market St. in Newark buying the new issue. I had them buried in a basement wall at my house in Belleville, New Jersey. Im sure they are still buried in that wall.

    • I did the same exact thing. Bought every issue regularly each month. Gazed at the centerfold beauties endlessly. Fell in love with each one of them. Stored the magazines in the attic, behind a wall. Lol.

  8. Thank you. I was 6 in 1970 and 15 in 1979. I remember some of the centerfolds from when my buds and I could sneak a peek at one of my bud’s uncle’s collection! Thanks for the memories.

    BUT AS THEY SAY (to each is own) i love women b j

  10. In playboy after dark 1969. In the Canned heat segment my time aint long there is a brunette at 1:08 Does anyone know who she is?

  11. For a society that stands for progress it seems women of the 1970s had it right relative to the present as they were all naturally beautiful, elegant and classy ladies. At that time we had naturally beautiful women just the way they were created. I only hope at some point in the future our social definition of a naturally beautiful lady will “progress” back to the women we see above that look so classy and elegant without tattoos and metal dangling from their body. Natural beauty cannot be replicated and altered only with adverse effects. Toss the razor and be proud of the most naturally beautiful women in the world, most of which were made in the U.S.A.

  12. the teacher391

    Those photos can still make me pitch a tent like I was back in my teenage years! No need for Viagra.

  13. the teacher391

    I like the tanlines. Some were subtle. Some were clear. Kinda hot to see something that was hidden from natural sunlight.

  14. love these sluts!

  15. the teacher391

    Simpler tiimes. My younger days!

  16. Every lady is beautiful here and I love that they all aren’t super skinny. They have proper bodies.

  17. Nothing better than pretty gals with a nice (normal) full triangle bush! Fuck this bald pussy trend. It’s been going on too long now. I’d rather just tug myself than to have a bald beaver. Only had one in my entire life. Told her to grow some fur. She didn’t.

  18. David C Newport

    These all bring back good memories!!

  19. Fur is great until you find a lady that doesn’t have good hygiene. Nothing like finding some cheese curds or dingle berries in the ol’ furburger….

  20. I have been a subscriber of this beyond priceless awesome collection for 50 year’s & I totally disagree with the idiotic loss of natural beauty- today’s trend does not hold a candle to the great women of previous issues!!!!!!! The current protocol does not qualify to be in the same beauty of prior to 2005 I refuse honor this so I deleted my account & hold the previous issue’s under glass protection to adore nature.for all my duration GOD BLESS THE PREVIOUS BEAUTY’S TO BEHELD IN MY NATURAL TREASURE ALL MY LOVE TO YOU ALL MY PERSONAL GOLD MEMBER”S 😉👀 ROB

  21. Yep, I remember this era. Dad had been subscribing to Playboy for years. What I didn’t know what that Hefner actually *did* use a few non-White models on occasion in those days. Looks like while his personal preference was for larger-breasted blondes, he did give some exposure to other types of beauty as well. And yes, every one of them here is lovely.

    One poster mentioned a lack of silicone, tattoos, and metal hanging off of ’em. I agree. Natural is better. Note that much of the fashion during the ’70’s was for larger breasts. That started to change in the ’80’s (e. g. Linda Vaughn), and we saw it continue with women like Nicole Lenz (March 2000).

    The increased diversity in body types that we celebrate today is good. Couple that with the celebration of natural women like in the ’70’s, and that’d be really excellent.

  22. I love 1970’s nudes!

  23. I never understood why people were so turned on by “all over tans” I have always been turned on by tan lines. I thought that was because It made me feel like I was seeing something even the sun didn’t see. After seeing the playmates from the late 60’s and 70’s (my formative years) I see that Playboy conditioned me to think of tan lines as sexy, I am not complaining one bit.

  24. The 70’s was intense, countless beautiful women in those years, but Candy Loving won my heart.
    If I owned a time machine, I would use it to try to win this woman

  25. These are real women. The Bush is just so elegant.

  26. Alexander Franky

    Whew! Full photos with superb poses are really classical. Can I suggest Pubic Style to do the same. As sometimes the poses inspire the subscribers to get an idea which style suits them and the posts will be more attractive… Just an idea…

  27. I love these girls no breast implants nobody implants and no lack of suction The real thing they’re beautiful and they’re honest I wish there was more places like this

  28. we had a rock band. my drummer friend in his home had between the windows hanged on the wall Dorthy Stratten´s miss August many times as I came to visit him while we had listening music I all the evening admired Dorothy´s beauty…so for me Dorothy Stratten is the most beautiful playmat for all the times!!!

  29. Thick but manicured Cunt fuzz is sexy and ladylike!

  30. watsondavid34yahoocom

    Old nostalgic but pretty in their day God bless them today

  31. '70s were my time

    Totally agree that the ladies of the ’70s are so naturally beautiful as compared to centerfolds of today. Much more wholesome, too. Another thing I notice is the warmth in the photographic method. Would this be analog/film rather than digital? Don’t know how to explain it, but there is warmth and texture in those older photos compared to the over-crisp lines of today’s photography. And….I vote for a dewy bush over the naked look, too.

  32. They’re all so beautiful! And so sexy

  33. I love the older nudes.

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