Playboy centerfolds from 1980-1989


1980.01.01 - Gig Gangel 1980.02.01 - Sandy Cagle 1980.03.01 - Henriette Allais 1980.04.01 - Liz Glazowski 1980.05.01 - Martha Elizabeth Thomsen 1980.06.01 - Ola Ray 1980.07.01 - Teri Peterson 1980.08.01 - Victoria Cooke 1980.09.01 - Lisa Welch 1980.10.01 - Mardi Jacquet 1980.11.01 - Jeana Tomasino 1980.12.01 - Terri Welles


1981.01.01 - Karen Elaina Price 1981.02.01 - Vicki Lynn Lasseter 1981.03.01 - Kymberly Herrin 1981.04.01 - Lorraine Michaels 1981.05.01 - Gina Goldberg 1981.06.01 - Cathy Larmouth 1981.07.01 - Heidi Sorenson 1981.08.01 - Debbie Boostrom 1981.09.01 - Susan Smith 1981.10.01 - Kelly Tough 1981.11.01 - Shannon Lee Tweed 1981.12.01 - Patricia Farinelli


 1982.01.01 - Kimberly McArthur 1982.02.01 - Anne-Marie Fox 1982.03.01 - Karen Witter 1982.04.01 - Linda Rhys Vaughn 1982.05.01 - Kym Malin 1982.06.01 - Lourdes Ann Kananimanu Estores 1982.07.01 - Lynda Wiesmeier 1982.08.01 - Cathy St. George 1982.09.01 - Connie Brighton 1982.10.01 - Marianne Gravatte 1982.11.01 - Marlene Janssen 1982.12.01 - Charlotte Kemp


 1983.01.01 - Lonny Chin 1983.02.01 - Melinda Mays 1983.03.01 - Alana Soares 1983.04.01 - Christina Ferguson 1983.05.01 - Susie Scott 1983.06.01 - Jolanda Egger 1983.07.01 - Ruth Guerri 1983.08.01 - Carina Persson 1983.09.01 - Barbara Edwards 1983.10.01 - Tracy Vaccaro 1983.11.01 - Veronica Gamba 1983.12.01 - Terry Nihen


 1984.01.01 - Penny Baker 1984.02.01 - Justine Greiner 1984.03.01 - Dona Speir 1984.04.01 - Lesa Ann Pedriana 1984.05.01 - Patty Duffek 1984.06.01 - Tricia Lange 1984.07.01 - Liz Stewart 1984.08.01 - Suzi Schott 1984.09.01 - Kimberly Evenson 1984.10.01 - Debi Johnson 1984.11.01 - Roberta Vasquez 1984.12.01 - Karen Velez


 1985.01.01 - Joan Bennett 1985.02.01 - Cherie Witter 1985.03.01 - Donna Smith 1985.04.01 - Cindy Brooks 1985.05.01 - Kathy Shower 1985.06.01 - Devin DeVasquez 1985.07.01 - Hope Marie Carlton 1985.08.01 - Cher Butler 1985.09.01 - Venice Kong 1985.10.01 - Cynthia Brimhall 1985.11.01 - Pamela Saunders 1985.12.01 - Carol Ficatier


1986.01.01 - Sherry Arnett 1986.02.01 - Julie Michelle McCullough 1986.03.01 - Kim Morris 1986.04.01 - Teri Weigel 1986.05.01 - Christine Richters 1986.06.01 - Rebecca Ferratti 1986.07.01 - Lynne Austin 1986.08.01 - Ava Fabian 1986.09.01 - Rebekka Armstrong 1986.10.01 - Katherine Hushaw 1986.11.01 - Donna Edmondson 1986.12.01 - Laurie Carr


1987.01.01 - Luann Lee 1987.02.01 - Julie Peterson 1987.03.01 - Marina Baker 1987.04.01 - Anna Clark 1987.05.01 - Kymberly Paige 1987.06.01 - Sandy Greenberg 1987.07.01 - Carmen Berg 1987.08.01 - Sharry Konopski 1987.09.01 - Gwen Hajek 1987.10.01 - Brandi Brandt 1987.11.01 - Pam Stein 1987.12.01 - India Allen


 1988.01.01 - Kimberley Conrad 1988.02.01 - Kari Kennell 1988.03.01 - Susie Owens 1988.04.01 - Eloise Broady 1988.05.01 - Diana Lee 1988.06.01 - Emily Arth 1988.07.01 - Terri Lynn Doss 1988.08.01 - Helle Michaelsen 1988.09.01 - Laura Richmond 1988.10.01 - Shannon Long 1988.11.01 - Pia Reyes 1988.12.01 - Kata Kârkkâinen


1989.01.01 - Fawna MacLaren1989.02.01 - Simone Fleurice Eden1989.03.01 - Laurie Wood1989.04.01 - Jennifer Lyn Jackson 1989.05.01 - Monique Noel 1989.06.01 - Tawnni Cable 1989.07.01 - Erika Eleniak 1989.08.01 - Gianna Amore 1989.09.01 - Karin and Mirjam van Breeschooten 1989.10.01 - Karen Foster 1989.11.01 - Reneé Tenison 1989.12.01 - Petra Verkaik

  1. A lot of people don’t realize that Erika Eleniak was the little girl that Elliot kissed in the classroom with all the frogs on the loose in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.

  2. Miss June 1988, Emily Arth, went to work for Vince McMahon in the World Wrestling Federation under her maiden name Feinberg and ended up testifying against him at his steroids trial.

  3. All the Playboy Females in this Era were Gorgeous each in there own way – these pictorials makes you wonder what else Playboy has up it’s sleeve’s in the coming years’ as a subscriber to this great magazine! Miss December _Terri Welles is just one of my favorites?

    • Red nipples from Massachusetts, I was (too) young back then… Found a mountain of “Good Interviews” on the attic. Probably nobody questioned why Dunhill was back then cheap and really classy. Especially when my dad had to plumb the whole draining system because of my cigarette butts. Those days where you couldn’t spot a wrinkle lacking an HD-system. – sigh – I miss my aunt in her BMW cabriolet.

  4. Rincewind, No matter what every body says ,God created women magnificent and perfect body culmination of art..In the East they consider Women as pleasure ……..(.In the Arab word where l worked and saw the bitter reality of their religion laws. )the Sheiks consider women property.They have Hareems (female companion ) In Saudi Arabia They build a castle for each Hareem.I was exiled because l defended the women’s rights in Kuwait. Jalal

  5. Wonderful! Thanks a lot for those fantastic pictures and so beautiful women!

  6. I wish women of 2014 would have a nice bush. Bald is not beautiful. There vaginas look like a little girls..!! That Really Turns me off !!

    • I totally agree! I don’t get it! Playboy in the 70’s & 80’s was much better … largely in part to the woman were more natural beauties & had nice big bushes … I’m a brunette person and they had a lot more brunettes back then too!

    • i agree

  7. There is nothing at all un tasteful about the most beautiful living beings to ever grace the face of the earth. Thanks for showing such NATURALLY beautiful women as they art truly gods art and the photos very tasteful. Anyone that thinks these photographs are in any way wrong need professional help. I can honestly say that if my wife posed for playboy prior to our marriage it wound have not had any effect on my decision to marry her. In fact one of the photos brought back some memories as the only difference was mine has black hair. I only hope the women of tomorrow will realize that tossing the razor will only magnify the natural beauty as modifying a beautiful body by shaving off what has driven males crazy for thousands of years makes no sense and letting the natural hair pattern is extremely beautiful and very sexy. Thank you ladies. I only hope you are as pretty on the inside as you are on the outside as if so it is people like you that make this world a bearable place even on a bad day.

  8. 1989 03 01 laurie wood no

  9. Redd Rockett

    Just my opinion, but I do like the vagina at least trimmed. Shaven to me is ok because it shows off the beauty of the vagina’s lips, whereas the hair hides the beauty of a woman’s genitals. But yes, these women above are all truly beautiful and I remember a lot of these centerfolds.

    • Harry Schultze

      Bush is best. I don’t care how it comes, as long as it comes…. No pun intended.

      • I prefer the landing strip. Sort of a guide to lead one to the promised land. I’m not a fan of the power bush, but I do like a little something to let me know I am not going down on a twelve year old.

  10. Where is Laurie Wood’s large pic?

  11. Ms. July 1982! Wow! This is what is so awesome about our technology! I was only 17 years old when I first saw that centerfold and I’ve always thought of how sexy it was! Now, 35 years later and after about 45 minutes of research, I found the pic that had always been burned in my mind! My husband was amazed by how I remembered the year, described the outfit and the feathers!! (I am a female by the way) thank you to whomever took the time to put these pix on the www!!!

    • I completely understand where you are coming from. I was 13 years old when I first gazed upon the lovely Miss March ‘84 Dons Spier; that figure four formed by her lovely legs was instantly burned into my memory and has stayed with me all these decades.

  12. Sean Patrick Lynch

    Beautiful pictures!

  13. Matthew Murphy

    Rebecca ferratti had a great ass !

  14. Admiring these centerfolds take me back to an age that I was sexually attracted to my ex-wife. A time of exploration of our awareness. Thanks Heff

  15. What a great website. Thank you for this refreshing – non perverted stroll through ” these memories pressed between the pages of my mind ” Refererence: Elvis Presley.

  16. Oh the magnificent marvelous bush; the bald look is childish. I wish pubs would make a return. A bush is a sign of a “woman!” It is erotically stimulating to the eye. It feels great whether it’s your fingers or face. Women think men like the shaved vag, but us older guys relish the pubs. 😜

  17. Great job on this noteworthy website. I am sure that Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner would concur. Still photography allows more time to each individual photograph – with all due respect to moving pictures. Both tasteful and respectful from photoshoot(s) to this site.

  18. Wheres the rest? 1990 to now?

  19. Love the pic

  20. Telbrey Orlandos Gates

    I have to get a copy of these playmate’s,all of them,in paper back , book form.A Master copy.
    Telbrey Orlandos Gates,1276 6thst.apt1, Hackley Heritage Trail, Muskegon Michigan,49441,male,55yrs old. thanks again for your help and support,aka Tab!

  21. bucetudas


  23. Jane Krakowski

    And during ET Erika reached the height of her looks. After that, it was all downhill for Eleniak….

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