Gil Elvgren


Gil Elvgren (March 15, 1914 – February 29, 1980), born Gilette Elvgren, was an American painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration. Elvgren lived in various locations, and was active from the 1930s to 1970s. Today he is best known for his pin-up paintings for Brown & Bigelow. Elvgren studied at the American Academy of Art.

Elvgren was one of the most important pin-up and glamour artists of the twentieth century. In addition, he was a classical American illustrator. He was a master of portraying the feminine.


elv-2 elv-5 elv-7 elv-8  elvgren007 elvgren011  elvgren015 elvgren016 elvgren017 elvgren018 elvgren019 elvgren020 elvgren21 elvgren023 elvgren024 elvgren025 elvgren026 elvgren26  elvgren27 elvgren028 elvgren28 elvgren030 elvgren30 elvgren031 elvgren033 elvgren33 elvgren034 elvgren035 elvgren036 elvgren037 elvgren038 elvgren039    elvgren043  elvgren045 elvgren046elvgren46 elvgren047 elvgren47 elvgren048 elvgren050 elvgren051 elvgren052 elvgren053 elvgren53 elvgren054 elvgren54 elvgren055 elvgren056 elvgren56 elvgren057 elvgren059 elvgren59 elvgren061 elvgren063 elvgren63 elvgren64 elvgren066 elvgren067 elvgren67 elvgren069 elvgren73 elvgren074 elvgren74 elvgren075 elvgren75 elvgren076 elvgren77 elvgren078 elvgren079 elvgren080 elvgren081

elvgren082 elvgren82 elvgren83 elvgren84 elvgren085 elvgren086 elvgren087 elvgren088 elvgren089 elvgren89 elvgren090 elvgren90 elvgren091 elvgren92 elvgren093 elvgren094 elvgren095 elvgren096 elvgren097 elvgren098 elvgren100 elvgren101 elvgren102 elvgren103 elvgren104 elvgren105 elvgren108 elvgren129 elvgren136 elvgren140 elvgren141 elvgren146 elvgren171

elvgren173 elvgren174 elvgren176 elvgren177 elvgren179 elvgren181 elvgren184 elvgren185 elvgren186 elvgren187 elvgren188 elvgren192 elvgren193 elvgren196 elvgren197 elvgren198 elvgren199 elvgren200 elvgren201 elvgren202 elvgren203 elvgren204 elvgren205 elvgren206 elvgren209 elvgren211 elvgren212 elvgren213 elvgren214 elvgren215 elvgren217 elvgren218 elvgren219 elvgren220 elvgren221 elvgren222 elvgren225 elvgren228 elvgren229

elvgren230 elvgren233 elvgren234 elvgren235 elvgren236 elvgren237 elvgren238 elvgren239 elvgren240 elvgren242 elvgren244 elvgren245 elvgren248 elvgren250 elvgren253 elvgren254 elvgren255 elvgren256 elvgren257 elvgren258 elvgren259 elvgren260 elvgren261 elvgren262 elvgren263 elvgren264 elvgren265 elvgren267 elvgren268 elvgren269 elvgren270 elvgren271 elvgren272 elvgren274 elvgren275 elvgren276


elvgren278 elvgren280

elvgren309 elvgren310 elvgren312 elvgren313 elvgren314 elvgren317 elvgren318 elvgren321 elvgren322 elvgren328  elvgren330 elvgren331 elvgren332 elvgren333 elvgren334 elvgren335 elvgren336

elvgren341 elvgren342 elvgren343 elvgren344 elvgren345 elvgren346 elvgren347 elvgren348 elvgren349 elvgren350 GilElvgren_01 GilElvgren_02 GilElvgren_03 GilElvgren_04 GilElvgren_05 GilElvgren_06 GilElvgren_07 GilElvgren_08 GilElvgren_10 GilElvgren_11 GilElvgren_12 GilElvgren_14 GilElvgren_15 GilElvgren_16 GilElvgren_17 GilElvgren_18 GilElvgren_19  GilElvgren_21 GilElvgren_22 GilElvgren_23 GilElvgren_24 GilElvgren_25 GilElvgren_26 GilElvgren_27 GilElvgren_28 GilElvgren_29  GilElvgren_31 GilElvgren_32 GilElvgren_33 GilElvgren_34

GilElvgren_86 GilElvgren_89 GilElvgren_91

  1. Great Elvgren pinup collection 😀

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