George Petty

George Brown Petty IV (27 April 1894 – 21 July 1975) was an American pin-up artist. His pin-up art appeared primarily in Esquire and Fawcett Publications’s True but was also in calendars marketed by Esquire, True and Ridgid Tool Company. Petty’s Esquire gatefolds originated and popularized the magazine device of centerfold spreads. Reproductions of his work were widely rendered by military artists as nose art decorating warplanes during the Second World War, including the Memphis Belle, known as “Petty Girls”.

GeorgePetty_01GeorgePetty_02 GeorgePetty_03  GeorgePetty_05 GeorgePetty_06 GeorgePetty_07 GeorgePetty_08 GeorgePetty_09 GeorgePetty_10 GeorgePetty_11 GeorgePetty_12 GeorgePetty_13 GeorgePetty_14 GeorgePetty_15 GeorgePetty_16 GeorgePetty_17 GeorgePetty_18GeorgePetty_19 GeorgePetty_21 GeorgePetty_22 GeorgePetty_23  GeorgePetty_25 GeorgePetty_26 GeorgePetty_27 GeorgePetty_28 GeorgePetty_29 GeorgePetty_30 GeorgePetty_31 GeorgePetty_32 GeorgePetty_33    GeorgePetty_37 GeorgePetty_34GeorgePetty_38 petty01 petty02 petty03  petty05 petty06 petty09petty07 petty08GeorgePetty_35petty15  petty10 petty11 petty12 petty13petty20petty21petty17petty18 petty16petty19   petty23 petty24 petty27petty25   petty28 petty29 petty30 petty31 petty33petty32petty36 petty37 petty38petty40petty42petty41   petty44petty46 petty50petty47  petty49  petty51  petty53 petty55 petty56 petty57 petty58 petty59 petty60 petty61 petty62 petty63 petty64 petty65 petty66 petty67 petty68  petty70 petty73petty76petty71  petty75  petty43petty78 petty80 petty81   petty85 petty86 petty87 petty88 petty89 petty91 petty92 petty93 petty94 petty95 petty96 petty97

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