Gennadiy Koufay

Gennadiy Koufay was born in 1961 in Sevastopol, on the picturesque coast of the Black Sea.

Gennadiy’s imagination and inventiveness was inspired by his father, an engineer and inventor, who encouraged his four year old son to make isometric drawings of objects.

In 1973 he attended the Sevastopol School of Arts, and after a successful debut in theatrical production of "Mowgli" (Rudyard Kipling’s "Jungle Book") Gennadiy was appointed as Chief Decorator of the Sevastopol Theater.

Gennadiy at workHis artistic talents were not limited to the theatrical stages of many Russian cities, and included the fashion industry and his own clothing business.

In December 1995 he moved to New York, and later to Key West, Florida, where he has been working as a free-lance artist and completed several noteworthy art projects including decorative works for the Key West Festivals in 1996 and 1997. Now Gennadiy is doing what he always wanted to do, glamour and pinup art.

Though his work is primarily of an "adult" nature, he has turned his eye for the female form to Vampirella and produced a number of stunning paintings and posters of her.


New update of pictures Vampirella 12/03/11:

koufay20061216koufay20071006koufay20080927koufay20070201  koufay20081111koufay20090511koufay20100909 koufay20090909


Old pictures:

gk30  gk01gennadiykoufay gk02 gk03 gk04gk08 gk05gk07 gk06   gk11 gk12 gk13gk16gk10gk14 gk15  gk17 gk18 gk19 gk20 gk21gk09 gk22 gk23 gk24 gk25 gk26 gk28  gk29gk31 gk32 gk33 gk34 gk35 gk36gk38 gk37gk39 gk40gk43 gk41 gk27gk42  gk47gk48gk44gk49 gk45 gk46    gk50 gk51 gk52

  1. I love the Vampirellas!!

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