Lorenzo Sperlonga


Lorenzo was born in 1969 in Rome, Italy. At the age of 16, he began his career as an illustrator and a graphic designer for advertising agencies and small publishers. In those first few years, he soon realized that painting was his true calling, and little by little he focused his artistic interests entirely towards sci-fi, fantasy and erotica.

The year 1995 marked the beginning of his career as a pin-up artist: he painted his first cover for SKORPIO – the biggest comics magazine in Italy: since then, many of his magazine covers still appear every year on Italian newsstands.

The public learned very quickly to recognize his style, especially after his paintings were featured in Playboy and Penthouse, in their respective Italian editions.dirty-work

As his covers started to appear in Australia, South America and Eastern Europe, the American market initially opened its doors to Lorenzo in 1998. That was the year that prompted Lorenzo to move to Los Angeles, where he began his collaboration with Larry Flynt Publications, as well as many other publishers such as Avalanche, Aeg, Sizzle, Fort Ross.

However, in Lorenzo’s words, the "real big one" happened in 2000 when he became a cover artist for historical fantasy comics magazine Heavy Metal. Since then, dozens among covers, posters and calendars followed that very special piece.

Check out his official site for more about this amazing artist.

Updates 13/03/11, 11 new pictures added:

Tits-and-Asses Vipera Nurse-Julie Red-AlertRoom-ServiceLady-Matchlock Steampunk-Doll Round-and-Round the-girl The-Marionette vivienne

Updates 12/03/11, pinup pictures added:

who's-next Black-wings Bunnybad-news-for-the-wolf Checkers dirty-work Family-ties Freya jessamyngeisha julie-in-the-dark-copy Lizzy-goes-to-London medical-expenses off-with-their-headsno-good-deed-goes-unpunishe one-hour Poison-Apple take-it-or-leave-itogirl the-italian-wife Tingle the-last-letterVenetian-Rendez-Vous

Updates 2010, added new page of pictures:

LS35 LS41 LS42 LS43 LS44 LS45 LS46 LS47 LS48 LS49 LS50 LS54LS53LS51 LS55 LS56 LS58 LS59 LS60 LS61 LS62 LS63 LS64 LS65 LS66 LS36 LS38LS37 LS39 LS40 LS30LS32LS31 LS33 LS34 LA19 lorenzosperlonga LS02LS01 LS14 LS15 LS16 LS17 LS67LS21LS18 LS20 LS24 LS22LS25 LS26 LS28 LS29 LS27

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