Sorayama Hajime

The master of them all, his robot pinups are famous all through the world.

hajime02hajime34 hajime35 hajime36 hajime37 hajime38 hajime39 hajime01  hajime03 hajime04 hajime05   hajime08 hajime09hajime06  hajime11 hajime12 hajime13 hajime14 hajime15 hajime16 hajime17 hajime26 hajime27 hajime25hajime28 hajime29 hajime30 hajime31  hajime33 hajimeb1hajime40  hajime22hajime42 hajime43 hajime44 hajime45 hajime47hajime46  hajime48 hajime49 hajime50 hajime51 hajime52 hajime53  hajime64   hajime72 hajime73 hajime74shrobo02            hs_c1_41 shrobo01  shrobo03 shrobo04 shrobo05 shrobo06 shrobo07 shrobo08 shrobo09 shrobo10 hajime54 hajime55 hajime56 hajime75hajime57 hajime58 hajime76    hajime60

  1. Thank you for that!!

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