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Retro movie time at casa Rincewind tonite, it’s Krull time… man i love this flick..

Spam me happy 

I love my spam box:

​Young and beautiful blond girl is looking for a man. Ready to serious relationship, want kids. Pro in sex and ready to everything, i like anal sex.

Yes because what I look into a future spouse is anal sex. That means they are committed to a full on relationship. 😆 

Crazy buggers..

images.jpgThink I got a crazy fucker sign on me whenever I finish working late. I sit down and yes I get a person next to me mumbling… so what does one do, you move of course. But oh no, next stop galore, of course loony no 2 arrives being upset I’m sitting on his seat.

Move number 3 and what the hell.. crazy no 3 arrives and mumbles, stares at me and seems happy that I agree, hell I agree to anything at this moment and then gets upset when I don’t listen to him.  Aaaah move number 4. It looks oki so far… nice old lady next to me until she thinks I’m her lost found husband… at this time I’m surrounded by crazy people in my train, I really can’t move anywhere. So I’m happy w this lady.

PS.  I didn’t go home w her, she fell asleep happily… 😆

Sexism in comic books 

* Ebony week *

For one week let’s celebrate the black girls,so prepare for a sexy romp of beautiful, gorgeous black girls. Enjoy everyone. I know I enjoyed searching for these photos and yes a lot of cold showers were involved 🙂
/Rincewind aka kinda white dude… well to be honest very white dude. Hell I’m from Sweden we don’t tan, we go red… 🙂

Tips anyone?

Anyone got any good tips for erotica novels,  have been lax in keeping track of great new erotica writers.


– One week of randomised madness from other peoples world.

Quickie Prague

Just a quick note: made it Prague and loving it even with the floods. Take care everyone and will blog more soon when I get my internet connected.

Tiny Tower game

image Made a mistake today and downloaded a game to my phone called Tiny Tower, I just can’t put it down! You are in charge to build a tower with biz and residentials flats.

Its more like an electronic pet, in the form of a tower. Not much here if you’re looking for a “hardcore” game,but a fun thing to have and play with for a few minutes here and there. Aaargh hate myself for downloading this one.. bye bye social life 🙂

Does a galaxy filled with habitable planets mean humanity is doomed?

Anal sex stats

Ok got this one tweeted from @omgFactsSex and just had to spread the joy. Would like to see the stats behind this one though…

White women, in particular those with a college degree, are the most receptive to anal sex.

Sock or not to sock it…

In one UK study, 80% of couples wearing socks during intercourse were able to reach orgasm, compared to 50 sockless that weren’t.

from @OMGfactssex

Really? damn… and here I thought it was odd and slightly un-sexy to wear socks in bed…


“I was a goth girl in high school. Perhaps the powdered white face and the black lipstick were not the most attractive. I felt fabulous at the time but looking back, uh, probably not the best idea.”
Christina Hendricks

The protest at Wall Street, WTF!

Ok, just a quickie and definitely off-topic from this blog but check out Coltmonday about the police brutality at Wall Street. I was stunned…

NYPD Brutally Assault Peaceful Protesters During “Occupy Wall Street”

Bournemouth Weekend

Lucy Pinder on Bournemouth beach

Lucy Pinder on Bournemouth beach

Well, been to Brighton beach and Bournemouth beach in England this weekend so sorry that all my comments and late blog reading has been in decline since friday but it was worth it. 1st time in Bournemouth UK and don’t think I’ve ever seen so many skimpy outfits in my life. Was actually almost overkill so my brain stopped noticing them after a while, wtf!

Anyhoo, back now from the dead, well kinda recovering now.

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